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Terms and Conditions of Sale

 Each of the photographs offered on this site originates from the photo archive of an American newspaper, generally from the early to mid twentieth century. These archives vary greatly in their care and condition, and most of the photos have been in storage for many decades.  

The photos were part of a concerted effort on the part of many newspapers to monetize their photo archives by having them digitized, and through that process, the original physical print was, ill advisedly, made available for sale.  These are those prints. During  their lifetime, these prints have been handled by many people, including editors who often cropped them in order to make them appropriate for stories other than the original. All of these editorial marks, in paint, grease or pencil, remain. As do creases or tears or taped on newsprint. The verso of each print has a date stamp and, in most cases, much more information about the subject or its planned use by the newspaper. Often the photographer is identified. Equally often, not.

Each photograph is original and unique. None of our photographs are from wire services unless specifically noted as such.  Each was delivered to the newspaper by the photographer, often a staff photographer, thus reducing further the likelihood of the existence of copies of the photograph being offered to any other entity. This is not confirmable. However, the existence on each photograph of editorial markings makes each photo truly unique. Ironically, these otherwise “disfiguring” annotations are what elevate these prints into the realm of art.

We offer these extraordinary artifacts of a moment in history ‘as is’. We have scanned them as carefully and as completely as possible, and we believe all imperfections are recorded for you to examine prior to purchase. We would be happy to discuss such imperfections with you prior to purchase.

Therefore, we have imposed a ‘final sale’ condition on each sale. That these photos have imperfections is not in question. They do. None is in perfect condition. We tell you that now in an attempt to educate you as a potential buyer and to manage your expectations of what you will receive.

Please understand that we cannot accept returns except in the case of validated mistreatment or destruction during shipping. In those cases, we will of course refund your purchase price.

And one final note: the purchase of this print from us does not transfer or imply the copyright to that image. We offer these photos as collectibles and no copyright is implied.