Franklin Getchell

Franklin Getchell

Franklin Getchell is a senior executive with experience across a wide range of business disciplines, including:

ACTOR He was classically trained, in New York and England, including at the Royal Shakespeare Company. He toured the US, did slapstick musical theatre, and eventually went to Hollywood, featuring in episodic police dramas. 

WRITER He has written advertising, television documentaries and drama, newspaper and magazine articles and books.

TELEVISION PRODUCER/DIRECTOR He has been a producer, director and programmer, in the US, England, France, Scandinavia, Malaysia and Japan. He was responsible for over 800 hours of television, and had programming on PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC and HBO in the US, and on four cable satellite channels in the UK (one of which he created), as well as Discovery Channel Europe. For six years, he was in charge of Sesame Street. Getchell has won an Emmy, and received more than thirty other honors, including seven Emmy nominations, a Peabody, a Christopher Award and the Japan Prize.

RETAIL EXECUTIVE He is a retail executive, as president of Moss.

And for the past five years, exploiting the experience and expertise gained from all that came before, he has been a high-level Consultant and Advisor, on a broad range of topics and fields. 

His professional expertise extends to marketing and branding, business development and corporate management. His company, GetchellIntellectual, had clients in both the public and private sectors, and while in the UK, he had a regular column in Broadcast, the industry weekly newspaper. He has been a frequent speaker at media conferences, festivals and trade shows.

He is a graduate of Harvard, and attended Columbia, and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.