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Torpedo House is a private residence of unique character, designed and built in 1929 by Alice Washburn for the director of the Yale Physics Laboratories, Louis McKeehan, who, while  working with the US Navy in the early 1940's, invented the homing torpedo, for which the house is named.

Washburn was a local architect of some renown. She began her career at 49 with no formal  training in architecture, but became amazingly prolific. She designed ninety houses  between 1919 and 1933. Then the Depression ended her career and she fell into obscurity until 1985 when her work was rediscovered.

Located on a quiet residential street a few minutes from New Haven, Torpedo House is now the residence of Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell, as well as a private art gallery.  

On display and for sale is a selection of works from their extraordinary collection of vintage press photographs, as well as select furnishings and pieces from Moss's collection of decorative arts. 

Works can be viewed and purchased directly from the house (by appointment only) or by following purchase instructions on this website.